Interporto today

Functionally the area of Interporto Padova (map) covers a total of more than 2 million square meters, 1 million being owned by Interporto Padova Spa, and it includes rail and container terminals, numerous logistics operators, hauliers and couriers who all work together in synergy to make Padua one of the most important logistics centres in Italy.

Various important events have taken place over recent years, but two are particularly significant: the merger by incorporation of Magazzini Generali (General Warehouses) in Padua, concluded in November 2009, and the inauguration of the extension of the New Large Container Terminal ( Nuovo Grande Terminal) in October 2010.

Thanks to its constant commitment to research and development, today Interporto Padova offers companies of any size a strategic and functional “Gateway” to the leading international markets. Interporto Padova is a true hub that collects and distributes the goods, and provides an irreplaceable service to the production system of northeast Italy.

This is possible thanks to the platform of almost 2 million square meters, where the different but complementary functions are all ideally organised.

The rail and terminal infrastructures occupy approximately 350,000 square meters and include the New Large Terminal owned by Interporto Padova Spa, the FS Container Terminal owned by the Italian State Railway but now also managed by Interporto Padova, and the State Railway goods station. There are 16 tracks in the terminals which are linked to the Padova Interporto goods station, which in turn has 21 tracks.
The warehouses for couriers, forwarders and logistics operators occupy a covered area of 270,000 square meters. There is the Distripark Interporto Padova occupying 47,500 square meters, which comprises two buildings, one linked to the rail network, and serves the logistics distribution requirements. There is then the Logistics Citadel, which comprises 67,000 square meters of covered warehouses, 107,000 square meters for yards and internal roads and 2,000 square meters of offices. Finally the management and service offices occupy approximately 40,000 square meters.