Interporto Padova Spa at a glance

Interporto Padova Spa is a leading company that develops and manages logistics platforms for intermodal freight transport. It’s is located in a central area for all major road and rail routes in Veneto and the North East. This location is one of the key factors for Interporto Padova.
Founded in 1973, the structure is now considered a perfect combination of space and advanced logistics services to the trucking and logistics of all sizes and a sophisticated “intermodal heart” of more than 350,000 square meters able move freight from road to rail.
The area of land owned by Interporto is about 1.1 million square meters, including warehouses, rail terminals, yards and offices.
About twenty freight trains arrive and depart every day from Interporto Padova connecting on a regular basis the main national and European ports (Genoa, La Spezia, Livorno, Trieste, Koper, Rotterdam, Bari, London, etc ..).
The goods arrive stowed in containers from large production areas of Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trentino and Emilia and are intended to world markets. The intermodal terminals are run with application software developed according to the latest algorithms in the best international ports. Powerful mobile crane owned by Interporto Padova transfer containers from truck to train.
The traffic in 2013 exceeded 250,000 TEU (unit of measurement equal to one international 20-foot container – about 6m), an increase of 26% compared to 2011. From environmental point of view is equivalent to removing from the streets more than 200,000 trucks.
Since 2012 Interport also became MTO (Multimodal Transport Operator) that is company purchasing a regular train by railway companies to some destinations, with the purpose of reselling to the transport companies, through the use of swap bodies, trailers or containers traveling on the train.
The whole freight village is wired with fiber optic connections at very high speed (network owned by Interporto Padova). Yards and logistics wharehouses (270,000 sqm of covered warehouses owned) are monitored by a video system.
Interporto Padova manages, since 2004- on behalf of operators deploying in the city – Cityporto. the service with eco-friendly vehicles (CNG), considered at the European level as an example of sustainable urban logistics.
The sophisticated tracing system of packages is made available to even small haulers who, due to their size, would not be able to develop such integrated systems. In 2013 Cityporto surpassed a record of 100,000 deliveries per year. Such result actually means a decrease in the number of vehicles in the center with lower emissions of PM10 and carbon dioxide with thousands of km less traveled each day in the city.
The final aspect of our broad commitment to facilitate the transport of goods with attention to environmental sustainability is to install on the roofs of existing warehouses of one of the largest photovoltaic systems in Italy, with a production of more than 12 MW. The equivalent annual consumption of 4,000 households.
Download Interporto Padova’s presentation
Download Cityporto’s presentation

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