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From this page you access the Internet platform that Interporto Padova Spa uses for the procurement of goods, services and works. The use of e-procurement systems is now widely established and encouraged by law in terms of contracts. The “Code of Contracts Act” (Legislative Decree 163/2006), implementing Directives 2004/17 / EC and 2004/18 / EC relies on new technologies a vital role in support of new institutions developed by the Directives and the traditional procedures contractor selection. The adoption by Interport Padova Spa a Vendor List and a Purchasing Portal ensures compliance with the principles of economy, effectiveness, timeliness, fairness, free competition, equal treatment, non-discrimination, transparency and proportionality.
Freight Padova Spa has adopted a new platform of e-procurement for supplier qualification and management of trading. For further information you can write to or

Alternatively call the number 049/7621811