New Large Terminal owned by Interporto Padova

The railway and terminal infrastructures occupy around 350,000 square meters and include various different facilities.
New Large Terminal (Nuovo Grande Terminal) owned by Interporto Padova Spa: the recent extension was inaugurated in October 2010 and it now occupies a total of 220,000 square meters. It has two sets of three tracks each and another set of two tracks, each track being 750 meters long, which is the European standard for this type of structure. The Terminal also has a workshop for maintaining the containers, and plants for ordinary washing and physical-chemical cleaning. The structure is completed by operations offices and services.
19 reach stackers are used for handling the containers (10 for handling empty containers and 9 for handling loaded containers), which load and unload lorries and trains.

Italian State Railway Intermodal Terminal

Alongside the New Large Terminal owned by Interporto Padova, there is the Italian State Railway Intermodal Terminal, which is managed directly by Interporto Padova.
It spreads over an area of about 70,000 square meters and has eight tracks long to a maximum of 450 meters. The joint management of the two terminal operated directly from Interporto Padova ensures a simplification of relationships with customers and greater overall efficiency in terms of costs.

Freight station

Near these two terminals is the freight station of the Italian State Railways of Interporto Padova with 21 tracks allowing the composition of full block trains. Besides these there are another shunting yard with 7 tracks for loading of wagons on the road trailers and other operations of acceptance and delivery of standard freight wagons.