Interporto Padova: our figures

Interporto Padova Spa is an excellent intermodal logistics centre that designs and constructs logistics, transport infrastructures and services, addressed to providing the clients with top quality tailor made solutions.
Interporto Padova occupies an area of more than 1 million square meters of directly owned land, 240,000 of which for the container terminals and 260,000 for the covered warehouses, which include 18,000 square meters of cold store. Every year there are more than 5,500 block trains that link Interporto Padova to the main Italian and north European ports.

Multimodal Transport Operator

Besides being a container terminal, Interporto Padova is also a Multimodal Transport Operator (MTO), offering the services of its intermodal trains to the transport companies. Operators have a unique contact at the Padua platform for shipping their intermodal loading units, containers or swap bodies. Interporto is able to manage ordinary goods trains for SWL (Single Wagon Load) traffic, exploiting the rail installations in the area.


The logistics division manages all the distribution work for local enterprise, with highly efficient management of the collection, handling, storage and distribution of the goods.

City Logistics

Cityporto is the goods distribution service in the city using methane and electric vehicles which Interporto Padova offers to all the haulage companies, to provide an efficient service to cover the “last mile” into the city: this service is recognised as one of the best at European level in this field.

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