Interporto Padova

The intermodal logistics centre of excellence

A very high-level of digitalisation and automation make Interporto Padova the most advanced Italian platform serving operators and businesses.

Interporto Padova is an intermodal logistics centre of excellence that designs, builds and manages infrastructures and services for sustainable logistics.

It is a Core Node of the European TEN-T transport network, and is located along two of the nine European Transport Corridors, the Mediterranean, which crosses Northern Italy from West to East linking Turin to Trieste, and the Baltic Sea –Adriatic Sea connecting Northern European ports through Austria and Slovenia to those in the Northern Adriatic Sea as far as Ravenna.

Interporto Padova is the most advanced Italian intermodal platform for companies and the territory according to criteria of low environmental impact.

A goal achieved through rail/road intermodality, i.e. the transport of containers, semitrailers, and swap bodies by rail, over long and medium distances, limiting the use of road transport until their arrival to the terminal, the use of electricity produced by its own photovoltaic systems also to power the 6 gantry cranes in its intermodal terminal, the automation of operations, and the digitalisation of procedures.

Since 2004, it has also conceived and developed Cityporto, a urban freight distribution service with low environmental impact vehicles that is unanimously considered a model at European level.

Interporto Padova is located in a total area of 2M sqm, 1.1M of which are owned by the company, and stands out nationally because it is the only company to have direct control and management through a special software developed in-house of all the terminal facilities that cover an area of 520K sqm.

It owns and leases approximately 300K sqm of real estate properties

The real state properties have been designed and built according to the needs of logistics and transport operators.

Interporto Padova’s logistics platform moves a total of over 13M tonnes of goods per year, 43% of which by rail, thanks to the approximately 8K block trains that connect it with the main Italian ports and European land and sea terminals.

Interporto Padova is a company for shares with mixed capital, both public and private

Established on 6 June 1973, thanks to the vision and will of four founding members: Chamber of Commerce of Padua, Municipality of Padua, Province of Padua, and the State Railways.

Today, it has a share capital of €36M, and is one of the nine first-class dry ports under Law No. 240 of 4 August 1990.

It is home to around 150 companies in the world of logistics and transport with approximately 3K employees.

Where is located Interporto Padova

Registered Office and top managment (Headquarter)

Galleria Spagna 35 – 35127 Padova
Phone: +39 049 7621 811

Intermodal Terminal

Via Volpato, 3 – 35127 Padova
Phone: +39 049 8286 111


Orari terminal intermodale

Lunedi – Venerdì dalle 6:00 alle 19:45
Sabato dalle 7:00 alle 11:30
Domenica chiuso

Registered Office and top managment (Headquarter)

Galleria Spagna 35
35127 Padova

Intermodal Terminal

Via Volpato, 3 – 35127 Padova


Monday – Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 7:45 p.m.
Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Sunday closed