Urban distributions

Cityporto is the urban goods distribution service using methane and electric vehicles, which was conceived and is managed by Interporto Padova. The project’s keywords for improving the quality of town life are: ecofriendly transport, intermodal system and reduction and moderation of traffic congestion.

How it works

operators, above all carriers, deliver their goods to the logistics platform, in this case Interporto Padova on the outskirts of the city, where the ecofriendly low impact methane and electric vehicles are loaded and then distribute the goods to the city centre, the so called “last mile” in the transport chain.
The IT system exploits all the skill and potential of Interporto Padova in intermodal logistics. The vehicles used for the service have preferential lanes, free access to the city and are able to park inside the limited traffic zones at any time of the day.
The service is dedicated to the subcontracted and direct goods hauliers who work in the city, and will also be extended shortly to perishable goods delivery.
Cityporto has been operative since April 21, 2004, and is one of the few experiences of this type that has been successful in Italy. The model has been taken as an example by many other Italian towns, and every year it is studied by numerous foreign delegations.
Interporto Padova also supplies its own management software for those companies that wish to develop this type of activity.

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