The call 2019: a working group for safer and more functional parking areas

28 August 2019

Interporto Padova S.p.A. participated in the 2019 call of the CEF Program together with a consortium of top-level national actors. The project, led by Consorzio ZAI Interporto Quadrante Europa, includes partners such as motorway concessionaires (A4 Trading and CAV, Concessioni Autostradali Venete), Rail-Road Terminals (Consorzio ZAI Interporto Quadrante Europa, Interporto Padova, Cepim Interporto di Parma, Interporto Central Italy Orte, Interporto Toscano Vespucci of Livorno), an airport (SEA Joint Stock Company Esercizi Aeroportuali), private operators (Cooperativa Porta Bagagli Padova srl, Costruzioni San Michele srl and GRIM srl) and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport through the Central Committee of the Albo Autotrasportatori.

The PASS4CORE-ITA Action, acronym for “Parking Areas implementing Safety and Security FOR (4) CORE network corridors in ITALY” foresees the commitment of over 27 million € aimed at improving the availability of Italian certified safe and secure parking areas for heavy vehicles.

More specifically, the set of activities envisaged by the PASS4CORE Action involves the construction of approximately 1.350 parking lots for trucks, improving over 300.000 m2 of areas dedicated to this purpose and for which the “Safe and Secure Truck Park” certification will be obtained according to the European standards defined by ESPORG, the European Secure Parking Organization. The whole set of activities will be completed indicatively by the end of 2024.

As part of the initiative, Interporto Padova S.p.A. will build two parking within its area for a total of 120 lots on approximately 15.000 m2 of dedicated areas for a total investment of approximately 1.8 million €, of which the European Commission will guarantee 20% of co-financing, amounting to approximately € 350.000.

PASS4CORE-ITA – Parking Areas implementing Safety and Security FOR (4) CORE network corridors in ITALY

FICHE INEA: 2019-IT-TM-0337-W