INTERPORTO PADOVA S.p.A. financed by European Commission

28 July 2015

Connecting Europe Facility – CEF funds the development of the intermodal node of Padova

Interporto Padova S.p.A., ranks among the intermodal “Core Nodes” acknowledged as part of Trans-European Transport Networks that the EU Commission is financing through the Connecting Europe Facility – CEF Programme, managed by the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency – INEA. Interporto Padova S.p.A., thanks to the maturity, relevance and concreteness of the submitted project proposals, managed to sign two different Grant Agreements with INEA amounting to about 4,5 million Euros co-financing, corresponding to an overall expenditure in infrastructural interventions and overall enhancement of the New Large Container Terminal exceeding 22 millions €.

In the first call of the CEF Programme (2014) Interporto Padova S.p.A. submitted a first proposal aiming at “Enhancing the efficiency of the new container terminal of Interporto di Padova” (code 2014-IT-TM-0591-M).
In the subsequent call (2015), starting from the previous successful outcome, Interporto Padova S.p.A. has submitted a second project proposal, aiming at synergically complementing the first one, entitled “Enhancing Interporto di Padova – Step 2: ancillary measures and ICT solutions for optimising terminal operations, accessibility and interconnections” (code 2015-IT-TM-0247-M).

The general objective of Interporto Padova S.p.A., evidently endorsed by the Commission that have deemed related initiatives valid and worth to be awarded, is to further developed Padova multimodal logistic platform by improving the efficiency of its New Container Terminal also reaching the compliancy with the higher European standards.

Hence, in the mid-term such interventions will allow improving logistic and environmental performances of the intermodal terminal; consequently, by supporting modal shift, it will contribute to CO2 emissions reduction, thus matching with EU strategic goals related to sustainable development.

2019 represented an opportunity to participate to a further call of the CEF Program, this time in partnership with other important stakeholders. Such participation resulted in the financing of the Action named “PASS4CORE- ITA” (Parking Areas implementing Safety and Security FOR (4) CORE network corridors in ITALY), which aimed at co-financing the construction of safe and secure parking areas for heavy vehicles along the Corridors of the TEN-T network crossing Italy.