Interporto Padova Spa takes part in the European project WiderMos for improving links between ports and intermodal freight villages

27 May 2015

WiderMos, (Wide Interoperability and new governance moDels for freight Exchange linking Regions through Multimodal maritime based cOrridorS) is the new European project, approved in the EU ban TEN-T Motorways of the Sea in 2013.

WiderMoS will improve the interface between maritime transport and other modes (mainly rail), developing new port/ship/train interfaces and efficient port-hinterland connections, connecting ports and integrate origins and destinations and bridging gaps in and between different trade corridors. In other words, WiderMoS aims at facilitating the homogeneous connection between Motorways of the Sea and the TEN-T core network corridors throughout several activities: a MoS prospective study in 2020 and beyond, setting options and opportunities for the future deployment of MoS and assessing its potential as the maritime dimension of TEN-T as the 10th Corridor in the TEN-T Network; an in-depth analysis of 4 topics (including customs procedures and logistic processes) linked to the deployment of the future governance model of the core network corridors; a number of 5 pilot projects in the Mediterranean, Atlantic and the Baltic sea focused in the development of an IT Corridor Management Platform acting as a Logistic Single Window for the integration of sea based transport services in the logistic chain, considering all types of freight operations, in order to allow a seamless shipment management and communication between all the actors of the supply chain. The project involves the participation of five Member States (Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal and Poland), 16 partners, 5 ports (La Spezia, Rostock, Kiel, Barcelona and Porto) and more than 50 actors involved between supporters and stakeholders including Ikea, RFI and MSC.

The Italian group, in addition to lead Port Authority of La Spezia, is composed of key actors in the development of the project such as the Customs Agency, the Liguria Region, University of Genoa, La Spezia Container Terminal, Sogemar and Interporto Padova Spa.

For Interporto Padova Spa is an initiative of particular importance because it provides the opportunity to create a platform that interconnects the various systems in use among all the actors involved in the chain of rail transport in order to put together, in real time, all useful information

Updates on the development of the project are available in the news and at the official WiderMos website: