Chile’s transport minister visits the Interporto and uses its organisation as a model

21 May 2019

Chilean Transport Minister Gloria Hutt visited Padua’s Interporto yesterday, accompanied by President Sergio Gelain, General Manager Roberto Tosetto and Padua City Council’s Trade Councillor Antonio Bressa. The Chilean minister emphasised: ‘We have an excellent port system, but the orography of Chile creates many logistical difficulties. This is why it is of great interest to study the solutions adopted by the Padua Freight Village, both from an environmental point of view and with respect to connections between cities, ports, and logistics centres. Also of great interest is the structure’s ownership and management model, which is linked to a series of local bodies under public law. In Chile we are in fact implementing a profound reform of the administrative organisation by delegating new powers and responsibilities to local communities, and the Padua model may be a model for us to study in depth and apply’. President Gelain commented: ‘It is a great honour to be able to collaborate with the Chilean government in a sector that is fundamental for the economies of the future, which are increasingly interconnected and interdependent’. Councillor Bressa also stressed the importance of this visit: ‘We are really proud that Padua is recognised as an international logistics excellence.