Interporto Padua protagonist at Transport Logistic in Munich

25 May 2023

Interporto Padova participated with its own exhibition space at Transport Logistic in Munich, the most important world exhibition event dedicated to logistics.
This edition was the biggest ever with over 2500 specialised exhibitors and tens of thousands of professional visitors from all over the world.

The logistics hub of Padua, which presented itself in Munich with its new logo on the occasion of its 50th year of activity, discussed with the main international players the opportunities and scenarios for further connections, made possible by the new technological and infrastructural equipment available.

A first concrete result is the establishment of a new intermodal railway connection between the Terminal of Interporto Padua, Kiel in Germany and Gotheborg in Sweden, which will be active from September and will open the first direct freight line from Padua to the Scandinavian countries.

A second result is the intensification of business relations on the new intermodal relations already active between Padua and Duisburg, managed by Tx Logistics, and between Padua and Busto, managed by Hupac.

Interporto Padua’s presence in Munich developed under the slogan ‘Italy’s most advanced intermodal terminal’: not just a catchphrase, but a reality. In fact, Interporto Padua’s intermodal terminal will soon be the only one in Italy that is fully automated and, moreover, powered by self-produced electricity from a new, dedicated photovoltaic system.

President Franco Pasqualetti emphasises: ‘Interporto Padua was recognised in Munich as one of the fundamental and irreplaceable elements of the Veneto Region’s logistics system, and confirmed its key role in supporting the economy of the region and the entire north-east. A role that also commits us for the future, listening carefully to the needs of logistics and transport operators and those of the production fabric, so that we are always able to provide the best solution in real time”.