Interporto Padua participated in the Italian mission of the Guangzhou institutional and commercial delegation

6 June 2023

Interporto Padua supported and participated in the Smart Green Economy & Cooperation Conference, an event organised by the University of Padua and two important entities of the People’s Republic of China, GEC – Green Economy Confederation and CCIPT China Council for the Promotion of Trade International Guangzhou Commitee. The conference was attended by a large Chinese institutional and trade delegation, led by Guangzhou Deputy Mayor Tan Ping. On the Italian side, in addition to the pro-rector of the University Fabrizio Dughiero, Professor Denis Bastieri representing the Italy-China Smart Green University-Industrial-Research Program, and Professor Arturo Lorenzoni, VenicePromex, Anima (the association of mechanical engineering companies of Confindustria), and Interporto Padua with President Franco Pasqualetti and General Manager Roberto Tosetto participated. The delegation also met, at different times, both the Mayor of Padua Sergio Giordani and Deputy Mayor Andrea Micalizzi. The mission ended with an event organised by Interporto Padua that allowed the Chinese delegation to meet the mayor Riccardo Mortandello, deputy mayor Elisabetta Roetta, and councillor Gian Pietro Bano in Montegrotto Terme and discover the economic and tourist opportunities of the spa resort.

“The links of the city of Padua and Interporto with China and Guangzhou in particular,” emphasised President Pasqualetti, “have been consolidated for some time, as have trade exchanges between the two areas. We are a key element of the flow of goods between the two countries and had already hosted in September 2019, a delegation precisely from the Port of Guangzhou. The focus of this meeting was the digitisation and sustainability of industrial and commercial activities and we therefore had the opportunity to illustrate to the Chinese guests, the numerous actions already implemented and those planned in the near future to offer sustainable logistics to international operators, as well as the progressive total automation of our terminal. In the evening we also wanted to show our guests the hills and in particular Montegrotto Terme, a location that is increasingly appreciated by the international tourist industry.