Interporto Padua obtains AEOF certification

24 January 2020

Interporto Padova Spa, at the end of the envisaged preliminary procedure, has obtained the AEOF certification issued by the Customs Agency with effect from 4 January 2020. The AEO status (AEO in English Authorized Economic Operator) certifies a situation of specific reliability towards the customs authorities and is part of the new procedures of computerization in the relations between private subjects and authorities in charge of control activities in international trade. Interporto Padova has obtained AEO F authorisation, i.e. full, which includes both customs simplifications and those relating to security. The advantages of being an AEO certified operator are numerous: acquisition of a status of reliability and security with unlimited and Community validity, reduction of controls, customs simplifications, facilitations in the security sector, better relations with customs authorities. “With this certification, Interporto Padua gains access to a series of benefits that then fall on the customers of our services, which in this way are even more reliable and efficient,” comments company president Sergio Gelain. “In general, this certification facilitates our access to customs simplifications and security controls, but it also allows us, for example, to warn the operator in advance if the shipment is selected for physical control. Not to mention the reduction in the amount of data we have to transmit to Customs. I would like to thank the Customs Agency and the director of the Padua office, Dr. Tabacchi, for the attention with which they have followed the procedure. By obtaining AEOF certification, our company confirms its commitment to providing operators with a service that is absolutely in line with the best practices in the sector’.