New warehouse built in less than 10 months for Böhler Uddeholm Italy unveiled

1 November 2016

Presented with a press conference last 28 October, the new warehouse, already fully operational, built in less than 10 months by Interporto Padova Spa for the special steel multinational Böhler Uddeholm Italia Spa. The ultra-modern building responds to the need expressed by Böhler Uddeholm Italia Spa to improve its distribution network in Italy. The warehouse of a total of 2900 square metres, 400 of which are destined for offices, was realised taking into account the specific technical requirements necessary for Böhler’s activities. In particular, load-bearing structures and beams suitable for supporting and housing overhead cranes with a capacity of up to 40 tons, special reinforced concrete pits and flooring with a very high load-bearing capacity in relation to the type of storage and processing carried out were planned. The total investment by Interporto Padova Spa amounted to 1.7 million euro, against a multi-year lease commitment by Böhler Uddeholm Italia Spa. Dr. Roberto Lanza, Managing Director of Böhler Uddeholm Italia Spa commented: “The project developed for us by Interporto has enabled us to have a new, more modern and functional warehouse in a very short time and with rapid adaptation to the needs of our customers. Interporto Padua President Sergio Giordani emphasised: ‘With this realisation, Interporto Padua confirms its excellence in the provision of ‘tailor-made’ logistics services and solutions in an absolutely competitive timeframe’. City councillor Nicola Lodi, speaking on behalf of the Mayor of Padua Massimo Bitonci, pointed out: “Interporto Padova is one of our excellences and we are really proud of the results it has achieved. These include having brought a large multinational company such as Böhler Uddeholm here, which chose this infrastructure for its new warehouse for the north east”.