Over 50 Chinese operators visit the Freight Village

30 November 2018

In recent days a delegation of Chinese managers and entrepreneurs, led by the Economic and Commercial Consul in Milan Li Shaofeng visited the Padua Freight Village. Among the more than 50 participants were exponents of leading Chinese companies, including Cosco, Huawei, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Blue Engineering and others active in various product sectors. Great interest was aroused by the Intermodal Terminal, which the delegation visited at length, not concealing their interest in the possibility of choosing Padua as a destination for new transport relations with China. The delegation was accompanied by Interporto Padova President Sergio Gelain, Logistics and Real Estate Manager Paolo Pandolfo, and Promex Director Franco Conzato. In the afternoon, during an economic forum held at the Centro San Gaetano, a memorandum of economic cooperation was signed.