Shareholders’ Meeting approves 2021 budget: profits and traffic growth

29 April 2022

The Shareholders’ Meeting unanimously approved the draft Financial Statements for the financial year ending 31 December 2021.

The Annual Report 2021 closes as follows:

  • EARNINGS BEFORE TAXES in the amount of EUR 3,483,075, while the net final result is a positive EUR 2,858,759;
  • EBITDA (the differential between production value and production costs, adjusted for depreciation, amortisation, provisions and miscellaneous contributions) is EUR 11.8 million (32%);
  • EBIT (earnings before taxes and financial expenses) is EUR 5.6 million;
  • total production value increased to EUR 39.9 million compared to EUR 36.9 million in the previous year

The Board of Directors, appointed in April 2021, presented the first balance sheet of its term of office, which confirmed the positive results of the previous years in full agreement with what was set by the past directors and in total synergy with the shareholders’ strategic vision.

The president of Interporto Padova Franco Pasqualetti emphasises: ‘I am very satisfied with the results achieved in these first 12 months of our mandate. I thank the shareholders for the trust they have shown in us again today, but I also thank all the women and men of Interporto Padua, starting with the general manager Roberto Tosetto because it is they who have made all this possible. I really like the image we recently used to describe our work: we are an orchestra of soloists. So the indices in the financial statements approved today show that the economic results are very positive and have been constant over the past few years; we hope for a good performance in 2022 as well, even though the year opened with an international crisis unprecedented in recent decades, caused by the upheavals due to the Russian invasion in Ukraine and the related repercussions on the economy, linked to the difficulties in energy, in finding various materials and products, and the difficulties in international transport. We are optimistic, we are reasonably certain that intermodality will develop regardless of economic growth, and therefore we have confirmed an important investment plan that will make Interporto Padua the first Italian freight village to have a fully automated intermodal terminal”.