Shareholders’ Meeting approves the 2018 budget

1 May 2019

The shareholders’ meeting of Interporto Padova, (90.18697.% of the shares present) unanimously approved the 2018 financial statements on Tuesday 30 April.

The 2018 financial statements closed as follows:

  • EARNINGS BEFORE TAXES of EUR 2.237m, while the net final result is a positive EUR 1.388m;
  • EBITDA (the differential between the value of production and the cost of production, adjusted for depreciation, amortisation, provisions and miscellaneous contributions) was EUR 8.761m (28.04%);
  • EBIT (company result before taxes and financial charges) was EUR 5.309 million (13.77%)
  • total production value of 33.6 million Euro (+3.83%);

The Shareholders’ Meeting also appointed four directors of the Company to supplement the Board of Directors appointed last 30 March 2018 (following resignations received in the previous period).

Interporto Padua Chairman Sergio Gelain commented: ‘I would like to thank the outgoing members of the Board of Directors for their valuable cooperation and commitment during this period.  Of course I welcome the new directors, whose human and professional qualities I know and appreciate.   In recent months we have put the new electric gantry cranes into operation, and this has required extra commitment from all of us. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the employees, who have really given their best, with the aim of making Interporto Padua even more efficient and competitive.’- The president also announced that a study on the transport system of our territory, which concerns Interporto, will soon be presented. “It is a study of great interest that allows us to correctly plan the development of the transport infrastructures serving our Freight Village, which are fundamental for ensuring its future growth, avoiding bottlenecks that could penalise it.

General Manager Roberto Tosetto emphasised: “The balance sheet that the shareholders approved today is a snapshot of a healthy company, which alongside the economic result has a strategic project for the future, of which the electric gantry cranes are one of the main pieces, but not the only one.  We have doubled the capacity of our intermodal terminal and the operators concretely recognise our commitment and give us confidence. We can see this from the growth in traffic, which in these first three months has increased by 7% compared to last year, and from the great interest there is in evaluating new intermodal connections with Italian and foreign ports. Moreover, thanks to the new cranes, the terminal now also allows the handling of semitrailers and thus expands its offer to intermodal road/rail connections on routes that were not served until now. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the hauliers for their cooperation during the start-up period of the gantry cranes, which inevitably created some minor inconveniences. Today it is certainly easier for them too to operate the terminal.