Aid container for earthquake-stricken areas delivered in Norcia

30 November 2016

Yesterday in Norcia, Umbria, the fire brigade delivered the container that left from Padua with the load of special tarpaulins for the covering and protection of monuments, homes and sensitive structures, acquired thanks to the collaboration with the company “Teloni Tosetto Srl” of Cittadella.

The unloading of the large container was attended by the mayor of Norcia Nicola Alemanno, the councillor for social services Giuseppina Perla, and the undersecretary of state with responsibility for the fire brigade Gianpiero Bocci, flanked by the Regional Director of the fire brigade of Umbria Raffaele Ruggiero, the Provincial Commander of Padua Francesco Notaro and, for Interporto Padua, Paolo Pandolfo, Director of Real Estate and Logistics. “We are particularly grateful for this donation,” explained Mayor Nicola Alemanno, “because if at first glance it seems that tarpaulins are not a basic necessity, in reality their availability allows us to address an important issue in this phase of the emergency. In fact, it is not possible to begin reconstruction of the partially collapsed buildings before spring, and it is very important to protect the structures and interiors from rain and snow throughout the winter”