Inauguration of the new semi-trailer terminal with over 200 parking spaces

31 October 2022

The new large terminal dedicated to semi-trailers was inaugurated during Green Logistics Expo the Sustainable Logistics Show.

The new terminal has been built on an area approximately 850 metres long and 40 metres wide on the north side of the Great Intermodal Terminal owned by Interporto Padua, adjacent to the northern bundle of 750-metre European module tracks served by gantry cranes. A few numbers give an idea of the new work: the total surface area is 35,000 square metres with no less than 215 numbered stands, each 18 metres long, equipped with wheel stops. With this new area, the total apron surface of the Intermodal Terminal reaches 320,000 sqm.

This strengthens Interporto Padua’s Intermodal offer, which in recent years has flanked the activities of the Intermodal Terminal dedicated to containers with those of semi-trailers.

Now, thanks to the new Terminal, which also allows semi-trailers and not only containers to be handled with the electric gantry cranes of the large Intermodal Terminal, the number of connections will be able to increase rapidly, following the demand of the operators. Semi-trailers by rail is a type of intermodality that is increasingly appreciated, especially after the Covid19 emergency, which showed that the handling of semi-trailers alone is a winner from the point of view of both health (no personnel transfers) and regularity of service, but which is even more attractive now in the light of the shortage of drivers over long distances that affects all European countries. To all this is of course added the aspect of environmental sustainability: with around forty semi-trailers loaded on each train we have less CO2 emitted and less road congestion.

Inaugurated at the Green Logistics Expo the new large terminal for semi-trailers.