Interporto Padua receives ‘Logistics of the Year’ award for 2021

17 December 2021

Interporto Padova Spa was awarded yesterday in Milan with the “Logistic of the Year 2021” prize, organised by Assologistica, Assologistica Cultura e Forma, and Euromerci and destined for managers and companies that have innovated in the field of logistics and whose award ceremony was held at the Squinzi auditorium of Assolombarda. The prize, whose motivation is ‘For commitment to the sustainable growth of the interport infrastructure’, was collected by the operations manager of Interporto Padua’s Intermodal Terminal, Gino Foffi.


The award ceremony was held as part of an interesting conference with the significant title ‘Distinguishing Signs: Logistics’, with which Assologistica wished to define the identity of logistics. The answer for once did not come from the logisticians themselves, but in a very interesting and stimulating way was entrusted to authoritative external observers: historians, philosophers, economists, engineers, architects, designers, jurists… in short, from the mirrors of that ‘complexity’ of which logistics is a part and which logistics governs, manages, and traverses on a daily basis.


The president of Interporto Padova Franco Pasqualetti emphasises: ‘Receiving the Logistics of the Year award has a special meaning, because it is awarded by Assologistica, an association whose name is synonymous with seriousness and authority. We saw this again today with a conference that was certainly one of the most interesting and stimulating organised in recent years and which offered a real mine of food for thought. The recognition we received rewards a linear and coherent path that Interporto has been following for years, which is also thanks to the presidents who preceded me, and which I now have the great pleasure of continuing by implementing a project, that of terminal automation, which sees us as pioneers in Italy. It is a challenging and therefore all the more stimulating goal that we think can pave the way for a new paradigm in the management of Italian interport terminals’.