Interporto Padua takes care of the arrival of 300,000 donated masks from China in record time

23 March 2020

Interporto Padua took care of the logistics of sending to Italy the 300,000 masks and 200 thermoscanners that the mayor of Guangzhou Wen Guohui, on behalf of the entire municipality of the Chinese metropolis, donated to the city of Padua. The materials arrived in Padua after arriving in Malpensa on Friday 20 March, in the morning, on a cargo flight that took off from Beijing airport.

The operation, personally overseen at Malpensa by Interporto’s General Manager Roberto Tosetto, was completed in record time, and the cargo arrived in Padua on a Cityporto truck in the late afternoon of Friday 20 March.

“Thanks also to the collaboration with two forwarding companies in Milan and Padua, we were able to immediately carry out the paperwork at Malpensa,’ explains the Director of Interporto Padua Roberto Tosetto, ‘immediately obtaining the T1 document that allowed us to load the packages onto our Cityporto truck, arrive at Padua customs, complete customs clearance, and immediately make the precious cargo available to the Administration. An operation that was completed in record time indeed’.

A large quantity of the 300,000 surgical masks (i.e., the thin ones without filters), which comply with European regulations, was immediately made available to health personnel who are on the front line in dealing with the emergency and are in urgent and constant need of them: therefore, Padua hospitals and other health facilities, general practitioners, paediatricians, the police, those who provide essential services, volunteers who care for the elderly and frail people, and city institutions that provide front-line services to protect and serve citizens were all supplied.