First call of the Programme Connecting Europe Facility: project CEF 2014

11 September 2014

In the first call of the CEF Programme (2014) Interporto Padova S.p.A. submitted a first proposal aiming at “Enhancing the efficiency of the new container terminal of Interporto di Padova” (code 2014-IT-TM-0591-M).

735 proposals where submitted under this call at European level and only 276 where financed by the Commission. Among those ones, Interporto Padova S.p.A. represented one out of 10 “Multimodal Logistic Platforms” financed at European level (INEA call 2014 results summary).

This first project, by means of a set different interventions, is considerably improving both terminal capacity and efficiency. In fact, it foresees, among other things, an increase in the terminal area as well as an extension of the railway tracks and, above all, it is boosting the operational efficiency of intermodal operations thanks to the installation of 4 new rail-mounted gantry cranes.

The formal conclusion of the initiative and the presentation of the results was held on the 20th November 2019 at the headquarters of the Veneto Region in Brussels. In such framework the total investment of over 20 million € represented by the CEF 2014 project was presented to participants, including the Councilor for Transport of the Veneto Region, the Director of INEA and the representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport who recognized in Interporto Padova a virtuous example of a project that exceeded all expectations, correctly spending the funds made available and even concluding the activities a few months earlier than the original time schedule, thus testifying the perseverance with which the Company has carried out its commitments.


Enhancing the efficiency of the new container terminal of Interporto di Padova

FICHE INEA: 2014-IT-TM-0591-M  



Presentations of the launch event of 02/19/2016 in Padua

Presentations of the final event of 20/11/2019 in Brussels