The Port of Valencia visiting Interporto Padua

17 February 2022

In recent days an important delegation from the Spanish Port of Valencia visited the facilities of Interporto Padova. The aim of the visit was to deepen the knowledge of one of the main Italian freight villages and get more information about the automation process of the intermodal terminal. The delegation, received by the president Franco Pasqualetti, the general manager Roberto Tosetto, and the real estate and logistics manager Paolo Pandolfo, was very large and included executives from the Port Authority of Valencia, Valencia Terminal Europa (VTE) Grimaldi, and managers and technicians from Tramesa, Transitalia Spain, and Transitalia Verona. The guests, after an introduction to the global reality of Interporto Padua, were able to observe live and in detail the activities of the intermodal terminal, dwelling particularly on the gate automation solutions already implemented.