Work starts on new gate at Intermodal Terminal

20 December 2016

This morning, with a brief ceremony, work began on the construction of the new East access gate to the Intermodal Terminal of Interporto Padua. The work, which also includes the strengthening of the railway infrastructure of the terminal itself, is part of the larger project to upgrade the Intermodal Terminal with the installation of four electric gantry cranes that will be completed in 2017. The works are included in the project “Enhancing the efficiency of the new container terminal of Interporto Padua” and in the project “Enhancing Interporto Padua – Step 2 ancillary measures” and therefore benefit from co-financing equal to 20% of the investment by the European Union through the Connecting Europe Facility- CEF instrument. The work is also financed by the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, and is worth EUR 6,290,000 with a contractual duration of 210 days.

More in detail, the works, which started today, include the construction of a new access, complete with automated motorway-type gates, through which trucks will be able to access the Intermodal Terminal area for loading and unloading operations in a more rational and organised manner than the current situation. Two additional loading and unloading tracks will also be added alongside the existing ones.