The ‘Premio Nazionale Industria Felix’ awarded to Interporto Padova Spa

25 November 2021

There is an Italy that is restarting and competing, with companies that are performing at a managerial level, financially reliable according to Cerved, and also sustainable. Out of the thousands analysed, 160 companies with registered offices in Italy have distinguished themselves through their balance sheet results and were awarded this morning in Rome at the Luiss Guido Carli University in the Aula Magna Mario Arcelli. Among these was also Interporto Padova Spa. The president of Interporto Padova Franco Pasqualetti underlines: ‘Interporto Padova Spa proves that it is possible to combine important investments in sustainable logistics (intermodality) and positive economic results.

The multi-year planning policy has enabled the company to achieve excellent performance from all points of view, also in terms of creditworthiness, while boosting employment and maintaining a high level of investment; results that have been amply confirmed even in the current difficult period of the global market. This is proof that developing ‘green’ logistics, in addition to having benefits for the community, can have a concrete and lasting economic return.

Interporto Padua confirms itself as the first Italian interport in terms of square metres of logistics warehouses owned, as well as the first Italian inland terminal in container transport.

The possibility of further intermodal connections with central Europe -trains of semitrailers- confirms the growth prospects of intermodal traffic with undoubted environmental benefits compared to all road transport.

These companies have been chosen from among the strategic sectors, and awarded the high budgetary honour of the Premio Industria Felix – L’Italia che competitiva, an award assigned on the basis of objective criteria and taking into account an incontrovertible competitiveness algorithm, the Cerved Group Score Impact (the financial reliability indicator of one of the most important rating agencies in Europe) and in some cases the Sustainability Report or the Non-Financial Declaration for companies that possess it.

The organisers of the award, the economics quarterly Industria Felix Magazine (which will be published on newsstands throughout Italy as a supplement to Il Sole 24 Ore tomorrow Friday, 26 November), in collaboration with Cerved, Luiss Guido Carli University, and with the patronage of Confindustria and Simest, analysed the financial statements for 2019 (the last pre-Covid year) of thousands of companies and selected the companies with the best parameters, divided by sector, using objective criteria. Interporto Padova Spa was compared to other Italian majority-owned public enterprises and was found to be among the best performing.